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My seven reasons to practise yoga

on 06/12/2013

I recently received an email from my yoga centre giving me seven reasons to practice yoga every day.  They mainly involved balancing mind, body and spirit, doing something with my chakras and generally becoming a wonderful human being.  Regular (not daily, don’t be crazy) yoga practise has been revolutionary for me.  Here are my own seven reasons;

– Increased flexibility to enable me to reach stuff at the back of cupboards.

– Ability to exude zen-like calm even when the two year old is lying face down bellowing on the supermarket floor.

– New found skill of being able to wriggle out of slightly too small dresses in shop changing rooms without pulling a muscle (or breaking a zip).

– Use of vinyasa power flow routines to extricate myself from the clutches of my sleeping two year old.

– Improved balance for walking down steep hills in high heeled shoes.

– The ability to hold my head up high in public wearing ridiculously overpriced yoga gear knowing that I’m actually wearing it for its intended use rather than just being a pretentious twat.

– Continued disillusions that I will one day have a figure like Jessica Alba.


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