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Monkey Tennis

In an attempt to live up to the wholesome expectations of my current title of “full time mum” I have recently been attempting to bake delicious homemade cakes that my rosy cheeked and impeccably behaved children adore.  Needless to say it hasn’t been going entirely to plan.  My “Jubliee Jam Tarts” were ok, but ready made pastry, a bit of jam and some fruit plonked on top to make them look pretty won’t be winning Great British Bake Off (or the Canadian equivalent) any time soon so I decided to up my game and bake a proper cake.  I’m pretty sure I followed the recipe to the letter but what came out of the oven looked and tasted like a frisbee.  Neil tried to be complimentary but all he could find to say was “mmm it’s very chewy isn’t it?”.  The boys had a good stab at eating it but in the end I had to admit defeat and throw it in the bin (yes I actually threw CAKE in the BIN, I shocked myself).

My sticky fingered sous chefs and I decorated the cake of doom with marshmallows, though perhaps we should have tried the serving suggestion instead, marshmallow salad anyone?






Theo tried his best to spare my feelings and swallow some of the cake…












I, like many Mums have a tendency to call my sons by the affectionate nickname, ‘monkey’, mainly because they climb on everything and smear food all over their faces.  Though for some reason my brain doesn’t allow me to just stop at plain old Monkey or even the perennial ‘Cheeky Monkey’, every so often the odd ‘Monkey Ball’ (recalling the popular computer game) slips out and most recently in the park I paid accidental homage to Alan Partridge when I shouted to Theo “come here Monkey Tennis”.  I’m not sure Alan Partridge ever made it this far from Norwich, perhaps everyone assumed I was terribly arty and creative giving my child such an original name, though more likely they just thought I’d gone a bit bonkers.

The other day 1,000 people descended on the beach here in Kitsilano to protest against the Northern Gateway Pipeline and use of oil tankers in the waters around Vancouver’s beautiful and wildlife rich coastline.  Many people spoke about their concerns about the oil industry and expressed their dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s policies which they called anti-environment and anti-democratic.  It’s not been a good week for his public image, this portrait is currently on display in a public library in Kingston, Ontario…






MP’s are saying at least it shows he has very little to hide.  Just imagine one of Cameron and Clegg (Clegg would probably be the one serving the tea, dressed in just a pinny), on second thoughts don’t, you might never sleep again.

We recently took a trip to the stunning Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. 80 service men were stationed here during the second world war, just in case anything happened (it never did)  I think they got a pretty good deal.








I also have something new to add to my list of “things that wouldn’t happen in Manchester”:  We saw an eagle on the way to the park today.  Amazing.

Theo should be pleased I haven’t taken to calling him “Inner City Sumo” yet….

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