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Conversations with my kids

Sometimes, on the days that I’m bored of the sound of my own voice, it seems as though everything I say is a constant round of ‘get ready’ ‘hurry up’ ‘eat your dinner’ ‘hurry up’ ‘have you been to the toilet?’ ‘hurry up’ ‘put your shoes on’ ‘HURRY UP’.  Though at more relaxed (possibly alcohol fueled) times I remember that the odd little conversations I have with my kids are one of my favourite things about having young children.

I recently saw a book called “My Quotable Kid”, a lovely little hardback book full of pages to jot down the quirky things your kids say.  It would make a great gift and a fun thing to look back on with your child when they are older.  It also saves you boring other people who despite their best intentions just don’t find your kids as funny as you do.  Brace yourselves, I haven’t bought the book yet….

Just in the past week or so I could have filled tons of pages, including quotes such as;

“Casper:  Oops mummy my voice came out of my bottom.

Me: Do you mean you farted?

Casper: Oh yes.”

“Morning Mummy, I had a dream about dipping strawberries in chocolate.”

“Will was naughty so I told him Santa is always watching.”

Though thinking about the little chats we’ve had this week surprisingly it seems as though we’ve covered quite a lot of other topics too, perhaps there’s more to this parenting lark than just wiping up bodily fluids.  Since Monday we’ve covered the big subjects such as:

Why pets die

Why lots of families have Mummies and Daddies but some have two Mummies, some have two Daddies and some have just a Mummy or a Daddy

Why the bus driver was wearing a turban

Where chicken comes from

Why the moon looks different on different days

Why dinosaurs aren’t around any more

What is ‘sin’

Whether it would be better to be a red Ninja or a green Ninja

Their funny little brains are definitely one of the highlights of having toddlers leading to many conversations that the casual eavesdropper might find rather surreal.   There should be a book on sale called, ‘My Quotable Mum’.  My entries for this week would be:

“Theo I’m doing work I need you to get off my head”

“If you get in the bath I promise I’ll do the unicorn” (don’t ask)

“Theo please don’t sit on people’s heads and fart” (there seems to be a bit of a pattern forming)

“Sorry for putting it outside.  I think humans make better best friends than bugs though, and anyway, you’d only just met him.”

“Well, it depends on the size of the dog, but I reckon the skunk would be scared of the dog and the squirrel would be scared of them both.”

“It doesn’t matter what your feet say you still aren’t watching it”

Every day I feel the exasperated bemusement of Tim from The Office when David Brent is in full flow or as though I’ve momentarily stepped into an episode of The Mighty Boosh, and I love it.

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