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Tat’s Life

We have recently been treated to a lovely visit from Mum/Granny.  During her stay we took a day trip to the stunning Bowen Island. A speedy launch (with English Bay Launches) made the short journey over there great fun.  Or at least it was fun for most of us, whenever it went any faster than a snail’s pace Theo flung himself onto the floor face down screaming and gripping on for dear life.  I think it’s safe to say we don’t have a budding Ben Ainslie in our midst.  Perhaps it’s hereditary, I recently took him on a toddler’s fairground ride and had to close my eyes for the duration to stop myself vomiting on the child in front.

When we arrived at the island we did what all good tourists do and headed straight for the tourist information centre, a pretty wooden cottage not far from the delightfully named ‘Snug Cove’ where we had arrived. The woman who seemingly ran the centre came rushing out to meet us on the steps fastening her shirt and looking rather flustered.  Whatever she’d been doing in there it certainly wasn’t reading up on the attractions of the island on which she was vague at best.  We asked for a map and let her get back to whatever she was doing.  The rest of the island did not disappoint, from beautiful lagoons, to a stunning lake and forests in between it was a real taste of Canada (and the extremely Canadian pitcher of Sangria drunk in the sunshine overlooking Snug Cove didn’t go down too badly either).

Unfortunately during Mum’s stay there was a bit of a break in the uninterrupted sunshine we have become used to so we made a beeline for the ever popular and mainly undercover Vancouver Aquarium.  Whilst we have visited many times before this was the first time we managed to catch the Beluga show.  Perhaps in hindsight is was a mistake to put Theo in his pushchair right at the front of the “Splash Zone”.

It appears Theo got so soaked he was washed right back to the 1950’s

I also introduced Mum to two Vancouver essentials, pedicures and sushi. Despite her having to eat the sushi with a knife and fork both were a real hit.

What do you think of my Kitsilano nails? Too subtle?

I’ve recently been getting really into the Kitsilano ‘vibe’ and have taken up Yoga.  All I need to do now is develop a serious coffee habit and I could practically pass as a local.  There is one local trend though that I didn’t suggest Mum tried – that of sporting absolutely huge tattoos.  Everyone seems to have them, apparently it’s ‘very West Coast’.  I was warned that once everyone strips off their rain-soaked winter gear (which they don’t hang about doing) the beaches are awash with a riot of brightly coloured body art, but I don’t think I was prepared for quite how much there was concealed beneath all those heavy duty North Face jackets.  I’m no stranger to tattoos myself.  I was once rebellious enough to get one, though my rebelliousness was fairly half-hearted and I made sure that it was small (thankfully, as I passed out twice during the experience) and in a place that would neither show when I was fully clothed nor (and most importantly) sag when I am older.  These though are in a different league, whole arms, legs and backs totally covered in ink, so many that those without are in the minority.  Some I expect will be regretted in years to come, such as the girl Neil saw with a picture of R2D2 etched on to her entire left calf.  This one though I’m sure will always be adored by its owner…

I’ve a feeling this leg isn’t attached to a Canadian.

In other news my little boy has started pre-school.  Despite protesting on the way that he wanted to stay home with Mummy he could barely conceal his glee when he arrived and saw two of his favourite things, other children and a train set.  All the other children were clinging to their beloved parents whilst Casper said “see you later Mummy” and got stuck in.  I was proud though a little put out that I wasn’t more sorely missed, particularly as number two son was crying because he also wanted to stay.

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