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Great Britain

on 07/10/2013

As the nights are drawing in and festive adverts start appearing on TV my thoughts have started to turn to my trip home at Christmas and all the things I love and miss about the UK.  Not just friends, family, Stephen Fry and decent telly but all those other things that are quintessentially British and/or for some unfathomable reason just haven’t made it over to Canada.  Here’s a little and in no way exhaustive list….

Pub Grub

Pomp and ceremony

Boots Advantage Card

Creative swearing

A Cuppa (in the South)

A Brew (in the North)


Tracey Emin

Budget Airlines (except of course Ryan Air)

M+S Dine in for 10 Pounds (and pants)

Sue Perkins

Birds Eye Potato Waffles – they’re waffly versatile

Accents that vary sometimes from one end of a street to another – and being able to identify a lot of them.

3 for 2 at Waterstones

All the Russells: Brand, Howard, Kane and… Grant

Coke and crisps in a beer garden

Derren Brown

At least 95% of the population being able to do a Gary Barlow impression

The smell of Persil

The Archers theme tune

November 5th*

Foxes and Badgers

Wearing shoes inside

Spotted Dick (snigger) and Birds custard

The default setting when talking about your country / hometown / mates being ‘slag off’

BIll Turnbull


The Guardian (in my actual real life hands not online)

15 hours free pre-school a week.

Crossing the road wherever I like

Boris Johnson

Online grocery shopping

Janet Street Porter

Mince Pies

Chocolate Hob Nobs

The Carrs – Alan and Jimmy

Shopping for everything all in one place

Keith Lemon actually on mainstream TV

Old Fashioned Sweets – penny or otherwise



The Royal Mail

Paloma Faith

Squash – Orange or Lemon not Butternut

Mint flavoured kids’ toothpaste – not oddly contradictory Bubble Gum flavoured rot



*Well, they do have that in Canada but it’s just a day


6 responses to “Great Britain

  1. Richard HJ says:

    Brace your self if you’re expecting badgers. There’s been a meeting…

  2. Jaye Cowle says:

    Bill Turnbull – seriously!?

  3. Christine says:

    Oh I was nodding at quite a few of these. Especially shopping for everything in one place. And mince pies (do they have World Market in Canada? I got mince pies there last year). I may have to go and make my own list now… Although I’m feeling pretty homesick with no plans to head home any time soon so maybe that would be a bad idea!

    • titchyjo says:

      I don’t think we have World Market, it sounds ideal – though we’re not too hard done by, I can get Rich Tea and Digestives in the ‘ethnic’ food aisle of London Drugs! Yes, perhaps it’s not the best thing to do when feeling homesick – you could always watch Miss Marple on Netflix instead?…on second thoughts, perhaps not!

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