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By George!

on 29/07/2013

So as the most hotly anticipated birth in decades has finally happened, I thought I’d better jump on the bandwagon and share my thoughts on the whole hoopla.  So here goes, firstly, massive congratulations to the warm, loving parents who are doing so well in giving their little bundle of joy the best possible start in life, Sach and Roxy on the birth of your beautiful little girl, Tiree Rose Rastogi.  Well at least that was the most eagerly awaited news in our house this week.  In other news a couple I have never met, though who seem really quite nice and decent and I’d probably like them very much if I did ever meet them, have also had a baby, apparently called George.

I love how newborns are a great leveller, no matter what riches and privilege Prince George has been born in to, one thing’s for certain, right now he is totally oblivious to it all.  There are also a few other things that I think are pretty much certain and seem to come hand in hand with having an heir:

– Right now, nearly a week in, royal or not, the adoring Mum and Dad will be exhausted.  Possibly, as I was shortly after Casper was born, to the point of hallucinating (I was breastfeeding him in the early hours – or at least I think I was  – and wondering how I would squeeze the Casper I was feeding into the moses basket next to the one that was already sleeping in there – I still have no clue which was the real one and which was the figment of my imagination).

– On approximately the 14th September 2015 he will start to find poos, willies, farts and boobs hilarious – this affliction will never leave him.

– No matter what far flung and exotic parts of the world he visits, inspirational people he meets or incredible experiences he has he definitely won’t appreciate them until he is at least eighteen.  This Saturday I took my boys to the beautiful Rainbow Park near Whistler where they played in warm crystal clear water whilst gazing out onto stunningly imposing snow-capped mountains all around.  They, however, were most excited by the fact they got to eat crisps and drink juice with a straw.

– He will at some point lie on the floor, kick and scream and have a totally illogical and uncontrollable tantrum in a public place – fortunately for most mums this can be confined to embarrassing though survivable places such as the supermarket or the library.  I hope for Kate it is some where similar rather than say at the state opening of parliament, when she’s in the middle of launching a ship or at Great-Granny’s birthday party.

– He will deposit a variety of bodily fluids on the bodies/in the hair of his nearest and dearest.  For little Prince George this will just happen to be senior members of the Royal family, I doubt he cares, though I doubt they’ll care either – that’s the beauty of being a newborn, you can get away with anything.

– As he enters the ‘terrible twos’ he will embarrass his parents by saying or doing totally socially inappropriate things.  My two year old recently approached a heavily tattooed gentleman on the beach and roared in his face for no apparent reason.  Fortunately again as a mum out of the public eye this can be contained and is even fairly amusing…though I suppose they do have experience of dealing with Great Grandfather Philip to rely on.

Anyway, Congratulations to William and Kate and Sach and Roxy and all the other lovely people who have become parents this week.

Yeah whatever, when can we eat the crisps?

Yeah whatever, when can we eat the crisps?


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