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A Day In The Life…

on 24/03/2013

Having just watched a trailer for an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster starring one of my University classmates, I got to thinking that now I am (at least for the time being) a “full time mum”, what do I actually do with my time? 2013 is slipping by and I am wondering why, at the end of every day, I have not managed to write an original and thought provoking screenplay, come up with a groundbreaking new business idea, find the cure for Cancer, or really even feel as though I’ve achieved very much at all. So I thought I’d write down what I was doing every hour on the hour, on a non-eventful, rainy day in the school holidays.

0600 – I’m being kicked repeatedly in the ribs by the 3yr old who at 0330 decided that he wanted to sleep in our bed because he had a bit of a sniffle. The 2 year old heard this and decided he wanted to come too. I was too tired to offer much resistance so relented and snuggled them in the middle of our bed only to realize that there was then no room for me. I then proceeded to spend the next two hours with one hip resting on the bedside table before managing to deposit a sleeping Theo back into his own room.

0700 I’m being questioned by a 3 year old as to whether or not I have washed and dried his favourite t-shirt overnight so that he can wear it today. Clearly, like any good housemaid, I have.

0800 Due to an unfortunate arrangement of the mirrored doors on my wardrobe and their proximity to my (ground floor) bedroom window I have just accidentally flashed the builders who arrived at the house whilst I was getting out of the shower.

0900 I am trying to break up a fight over who is best at liking the colour blue.

1000 As there is no pre-school nor any other regular classes this week due to spring break and there are only so many dinosaurs I can draw, marble runs I can build and play-doh monsters I can create I have sought refuge in a nearby cafe run by a real-life Frenchman (not even a Canadian imitation). He has a box of toys in the corner, good tea, Tottenham Hotspur on the TV and a non-stop flow of mildly racist comments about my Englishness….ahhh and relax.

1100 Mud…everywhere.

1200 We are on the way home for lunch. The clock has struck 12 just as I am dangling Casper in a seated position in front of me whilst he has an ‘adventure wee’ by a tree. I am insisting in no uncertain terms that he must ONLY do said wee and not as he has just suggested do a ‘number two’ as well.

1300 Whilst having a dance off with a 2 year old to Gangnam Style I have realised just how painful it is to step on a Stegosaurus, much more so than say a Diplodocus or your common or garden Brontosaurus.

1400 Try to be a ‘good mum’ by attempting to engage the gruesome twosome in an array of jigsaw puzzles, board games and ‘fun filled exercises’ designed to enhance their fine motor and pre-writing skills. They give it a whirl but before long I can see Casper’s eyes drifting forlornly towards the IPad.

1500 It’s stopped raining so we are off to meet friends at the park, we should be there now but I’ve only just managed to wrestle a grumpy Theo into his coat. If anyone has an Octopus they need getting into a pair of tights I feel I am now qualified for the job.

1600 Standing at the park pushing a swing and freezing my bum off (I’m pleased to say real Vancouverites also say Bum, not Butt or, heaven forbid, Fanny, like their American neighbours)

1700 I have given in and Casper is watching ‘Caillou’ (Fench-Canadian Pre-School nonsense) on the computer whilst I am trying to clean unidentifiable sticky substances off the floor. Theo seems to be practicing “sneaking”.

1800 Meals have been cooked, nappies changed, noses wiped, groceries bought, floor swept, toilets cleaned, washing done and peace treaties struck, Neil is home and I am at Yoga…time for a bit of Zen.

1900 Still Yoga-ing it up but in 20 minutes I’ll be thrown back into the melee for kids bedtime.

2000 Ahh glass of wine and Friday night Sushi with friends.

Oh dear. It makes for pretty sorry reading, no glamorous premieres or world changing summits for me but I’m sure that in the future I’ll look back on this time and be thankful that I had the chance to spend all this ‘quality’ time with my boys when they were little…and there’s still plenty of time for me to change the world.


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