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Vote Lee!

on 01/03/2013

Hi all, hope you are well, I’m feeling very Zen at the moment having become a fully paid up member of Kitsilano’s yoga community.  I’ve been going about three times a week and can now tell my Vinyasa from my Shivasana and am no stranger to a Downward Facing Dog or a One Legged Pigeon.  This will no doubt be me in a few months….

What with this and the realisation the other day that I had just gone into Starbucks and confidently ordered a “non-fat chai tea latte” I was worried I might be actually becoming a real Vancouverite.  I quickly rectified this by going to the ethnic food aisle of my local supermarket and buying some Hob Nobs, Chocolate Digestives and Yorkshire Tea, aaah and balance is restored.

Having said that Casper is doing his best to be a good little Canadian and has taken to his ice skating lessons with gusto.  Little brother Theo doesn’t want to be outdone so I’ve invested in some baby skates for him as well,  we’ll have him skating before he’s two…eat your hearts out Torville and Dean!

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 3.09.34 PM

(I may not have had a full night’s sleep in two years, am constantly covered in an unidentifiable toddler crust and am no longer have the ability to hold an adult conversation but you know what, I have to say they are pretty cute.)

Having a (nearly) two year old and a three year old I often feel like Dr Dolittle constantly trying to decipher the odd language and logic of my little creatures.  It’s only 9am and so far today I’ve realised that when he says “I want dinosaur cheese’ Theo means he wants to eat big chunks of cheese, I’ve had to convince Casper that the diggers at the top of the road aren’t going to eat him on the way to pre-school and also that maybe we could wait a few months before clearing out the fireplace so that Santa doesn’t get a dirty bottom, I’ve got a long day ahead.

Last weekend I went to the “Theatre Sports” Comedy Night on nearby Granville Island, I’ve been past this a few times and being a big fan of comedy have been keen to go.  The great Canadian comedians Seth Rogen, Stewart Francis and Martin Short…definitely weren’t there.  However, they allowed alcohol in the auditorium so after a couple of glasses of wine I was laughing away having a great night.  To be fair it was quite funny, though just not exactly what I’d come to expect from live Saturday night stand-up.  My friend commented that it was just very very polite.  The one swear word of the evening drew an audible gasp from the audience (perhaps my fellow audience members ought to avoid any stand up comedy if they should ever make a trip to the UK for fear of suffering a heart attack).

Talking of comedy though, if you are in the UK please tune in to the final of Let’s Dance for Comic Relief on BBC1 on Saturday at 7pm to see my pal Lee Nelson performing his frankly astonishing ballet/hip hop mash-up…then vote for him to win…go on you know you want to!

Here’s a link to his, many say transcendental, performance from last Saturday…


Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 3.19.53 PM

I saw this on the route to Casper’s pre-school, we live in a very reputable area,  I can only imagine that Deborah Meadon and Karren Brady take sailors there for business pitches….



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