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Sweet Halloween

on 06/11/2012

We are just about overcoming the searing sugar hangovers of Halloween, the festival of Haribo and synthetic fibres. The boys loved their first experience of a proper all out North American Halloween, most people had decorated their houses, there were pumpkins galore and so many parties to go to that the costumes had to be rinsed out mid-week to last the distance.  Casper unfortunately discovered sweets or ‘candy’ as I should perhaps say.  In the past he’s never really eaten them, not the toxic coloured jelly-type ones (chocolate and cakes don’t count), he had them once and wasn’t a fan so I seized the opportunity and steered him clear of them ever since, safe in the knowledge that I wasn’t lying to him when I suggested he’d really prefer a nice piece of fruit.  That was until last week’s community Halloween ‘Spook Fest’ when he (and all the other local children) must have eaten his body weight in sugar and E numbers.  He spent the rest of the day talking unnaturally loudly and grinning manically until he crashed out on the sofa a few hours later – I’ve a feeling we might have a re-run of this kind of behaviour in about 14 years time when he has his first White Lightning/Mad Dog 20/20/Jagermeister experience.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Due to the return of the delightful Vancouver rain (in Theo’s A to Z of Canada the V for Vancouver is illustrated by people huddled under umbrellas) we have been looking for ways to entertain the boys indoors.  Yesterday we treated them to their first trip to the cinema, they were awed by the magnificence of the enormous TV screen they were presented with, that and a massive bag of popcorn was a perfect wet afternoon for them.  Of course it did mean that Neil and I had to sit through 90 mins of admittedly clever and well made but still really for kids, Disney animation.  I was jealous when Neil snuck in a cheeky doze, which Casper couldn’t understand, to him this was the most hilarious, most entertaining experience of his life to date.  I understand how he felt, for a long time I was absolutely baffled and hugely offended when my Granny had a snooze during a trip to see the epic ‘Care Bears: The Movie’.

Whilst we were there we bumped in to our old friend Noah Wyle again (I mentioned our first encounter with him in one of my early posts – Hollywood North).  He was leaving the cinema with his kids too.  Clearly therefore the only natural conclusion we can come to is that he is stalking us, obviously, poor chap.

Also, I’d just like to say a massive congratulations to all my lovely friends and family who are pregnant, have just had babies or may well be having babies right now as we speak.  There must be something in the water.  If it is your first go at the old having a baby thing, brace yourself for the most exciting time of your life.  When my two little ones popped (or squelched) out I was shocked by how much love I could have for one tiny, sticky, red, slightly alien looking human being.  It was like meeting Johnny Depp, Matt Damon and Colin Farrell all rolled into one (well not exactly, but you get my gist).  Though before the new lovely warm fuzzy new smelling velvety skinned creature arrives there are some things to really appreciate in life because you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone:

– Go to the cinema as much as you can, sit in the dark and watch long films full of violence, sex and bad language ideally in the middle of the day and very very late at night.

– Read the Sunday papers, all of them, even long articles you aren’t that bothered about.

– Nip out of the house taking nothing but the holy trinity of phone, cash and keys.

– Stay up late knowing you can have a lie in in the morning.

– Revel in the fact that these things currently mean nothing to you: Justin Fletcher, Gina Ford, baby-led weaning, Dr Sears, Furberizing, Controlled Crying, Nipple Cream, Maternity Pads, Meconium.

– Go to the loo without an audience.

– Tidy your house knowing that only you will mess it up again.

– Leave tea cups on low surfaces, light a few candles, put some nice glass vases on the floor and perhaps an open bottle of bleach on a low ledge safe in the knowledge that nothing dire will happen as a consequence.

– Run your finger over all the lovely non-sticky surfaces in your home.

– Check out your nice clean, puke/snot free shoulders.

– Wear a necklace knowing that no-one will try and either a) garotte you or b) pull it to pieces and choke on the bits.


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