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Pin the tail on the Beaver

on 16/07/2012

Since I last wrote we have celebrated Canada Day over on this side of the ‘pond’.  Festivities started well with a cute celebration at the boy’s playgroup complete with maple leaf cookies, maple leaf hats and the classic game, “Pin the Tail on the Beaver”.  So with high expectations we headed down to Canada Place to join thousands of people in celebrating Canada’s special day.  We were treated to a lumberjack show (men sawing things really really fast in an immense display of testosterone then talking about what they had just sawed up – riveting), a gigantic inflatable Beaver and, Casper and Theo’s favourite, a Bhangra dancing display.   I’m not sure how authentically Canadian the Bhangra was but they certainly enjoyed it.  There were also three stages with various musical acts performing throughout the day.  The line-up didn’t quite rival that of London’s Jubilee concert, highlights were the runners up from Canada’s Got Talent and some blokes singing about getting a train to Romania.  We were secretly hoping for Buble or at the very least Bryan “The Groover From Vancouver” Adams.  We did though see a real life Mountie so at least we can tick that off our ‘things to do in Canada’ list.

Another thing to tick off our list is to go swimming in a lake, which really blew our Canada Day experience out of the water (excuse the pun).  We took a day trip to Whistler which was absolutely stunning.  The boys loved their trip on the Peak to Peak Gondola, the highest lift of it’s kind in the world at 436 metres above the valley floor – Casper spent the whole time looking at the trees below telling us he could see monkeys, I think he might have been more likely to have spotted a black bear but at least it kept him occupied and away from the doors.  The weather was fabulous and we had the slightly odd experience of standing there in our shorts and flip flops whilst people skied next to us.  On our way back to Vancouver we stopped at Rainbow Park and swam in the beautiful snow water lake to cool off before the drive.  Swimming in a crystal clear lake surrounded by snow capped mountains is definitely something we couldn’t have done in Manchester.  I suppose we could have always taken a dip at Chorlton Water Park but I think you need special vaccinations for that.

I have had a minor breakthrough in my attempts to emulate Ma Larkin and have actually managed to bake a cake that was neither a) inedible or b) from a packet.  I realised all I needed to do was to find a recipe that suited my level of baking experience so I headed straight for the Cbeebies website and ta-dah delicious home baked Banana Loaf – there’s hope for me yet.  Though having said that I haven’t quite completed the transformation into supermum just yet.  The other day whilst cooking dinner, pork with apple and cinnamon, I was overcome with the irresistible temptation  to try “the cinnamon challenge”.  What else was I supposed to do, the most interesting conversation I’d had for hours involved Casper listing how many different coloured slides he’d been on, and the cinnamon was just sitting there, goading me.  I convinced myself it was for research purposes and only took a half hearted little taste on the end of a teaspoon (which I’m sure means I’m not totally irresponsible) but in case you are also tempted it seems that all those people on You Tube weren’t faking it.

The other day I was in the local organic aromatherapy shop buying some nice smellies for a friend and gave the boys some carrots to snack on to occupy them whilst the enthusiastic shop assistant took me through their entire range.  I turned round to find Casper going through my bag, he looked up and said “Mummy, where’s the Hummus?”.  I really am dragging them up on the mean streets.


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