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Museums and Meltdowns

on 27/05/2012

Our lovely friends, Sach and Roxy, have been staying with us this week, we’ve loved having them here and have enjoyed acting as tour guides once again, though we modified our tour slightly from the parent friendly version to include a brief (but memorable) view of the downtown street affectionately nicknamed “Crack Alley”.  We also drank cocktails the size of our heads, delicious Lychee Mojitos.   They were rather more delicious than the “Bubble Tea” we tried, a popular Taiwanese drink which has “pearls” at the bottom, balls of black tapioca that had the taste and texture of snot, I think I’ll be very English and stick to Tetley.

Looks nice enough

After a stunning start to their visit the Vancouver weather resumed business as usual so in the rain we picked up the tourist trail and headed to Capilano Park and Suspension Bridge (http://www.capbridge.com/).  The trip started well but skidded downhill more rapidly than the water below us.  Casper somehow inexplicably managed to drop one of the boots he was wearing into a pool of water then refused to put it back on so we had to fashion a waterproof sock from the hood of Sach’s free yellow poncho – he was devastated.  This kept Casper happy for a while though and we continued on our merry way marveling at the views from our position high in the trees.  Little did we know, inside that calm and happy exterior a full toddler meltdown of epic proportions was brewing.  Then, the perfect storm of tiredness, over excitement and hunger (he hadn’t eaten for at least an hour) erupted.  Parenting books say that if a toddler is having a tantrum then, if it is safe to do so, just leave them to it, I suspect that in the middle of a 230 foot high, 450 foot long suspension bridge is not one of these occasions. I couldn’t pick him up as he would have been straight over the edge so I just had to calmly drag him along offering encouraging words such as “don’t worry we’re nearly there” in the vain hope that everyone else might take pity on him and think he was scared, and pray that no-one saw him half an hour earlier thundering down the same bridge giggling.  At least it made me forget my vertigo.

The perfect place for a tantrum











Another trip with Sach and Roxy has made us realise that it’s probably not worth us going to any museums for about the next ten years.  On a rainy day we went to the architecturally stunning Museum of Anthropology at UBC (http://www.moa.ubc.ca/).  Whilst it was stuffed to the rafters with wonderful indigenous art such as some great pieces by the legendary Bill Reid, all Neil and I really learned was that toddlers love rolling down the slope in the great hall, the room which held the Doug Cranmer exhibition had a great echo if you shouted really really loud and there are five “C’s for Casper” in the information written on the cubicle door in the ladies loo.

In a celebration of all things Canadian we went shopping at Granville Island and cooked ourselves a feast including Alberta Steak, local Spot Prawns and Smoked Salmon all washed down with utterly delicious British Columbia Ice Wine.

Funnily enough though we weren’t persuaded to buy these…











Or this cheeky little fella….











I haven’t quite sussed out the enigma that is Canadian humour yet.  Neil certainly has to tone down his banter a bit at work for fear of giving anyone, staff and patients alike, a coronary and my prudish phone insists on changing Damn to Darn in text messages but, in the chic homeware shop across the road, they think nothing of selling a babygro with the slogan “When I grow up I want to be a slut like your mom” emblazoned across it.  I hope I’m not getting a bit conservative in my old age but I just can’t work out why anyone would want to take a child out wearing that – surely no-one wins in that situation.

In a cracking PR stunt, one sunny Saturday afternoon recently a hoard of promo girls swarmed upon the many families enjoying the afternoon at Kitsilano park and beach plying them with free “Cravings Cupcakes” to promote the film What to Expect When You’re Expecting ( http://whattoexpectthefilm.com/ ).  I went for vanilla with bacon on top (surprisingly delicious), another option was chocolate with dill crisps but Casper made a beeline straight for the one that was made to look like a nipple. Yum.


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