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A woman’s work…

on 15/04/2012

It feels as though this week I have mainly been washing clothes, between Casper and his attempts at potty training and Theo and his insistence on smothering every single meal he has over his entire body they get through more outfits than Katy Perry at an awards do.  I have now taken to feeding Theo dressed in just his undies, though sitting there in his stained vest he looks far more Jim Royle than the cute babies in the Jojo Maman Bebe catalogue – I’m sure I ordered one of those rather than the two little urchins I ended up with.  Casper’s favourite pastime at the moment is trying to make himself burp and Theo really enjoys putting the potty on his head and his hands in the loo.  There was a bit of a break in the domestic drudgery this week though, a real life house fire over the road.  Apparently it’s the most exciting thing that has happened on the street in years – five fire “trucks”, an ambulance and a glamourously scary police woman on a massive motorbike all turned up.  Casper couldn’t contain his excitement, it was better than Christmas.  The street was cordened off and there was water running down the hill from the hoses.  Everyone was out having an ogle so I met the new neighbours, I wished I’d put make-up on and wiped the shreddies off my top.  We don’t know what caused the fire but the general consensus seems to be that it may not be entirely unrelated to Vancouver’s relaxed attitude to Marijuana laws.

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts the inevitable has happened.  I took the boys to playgroup this week and Casper was singing merrily along during “circle time” to a song about a pizza and pronounced Tomato “Tom-ay-to”, I nearly disowned him.  I’ll have to keep him inside and force him to watch Richard Curtis films until the transatlantic twang is knocked out of him.  Though the films (yes films definitely not “movies”) will have to be bought on DVD.  I’ve told Casper that the internet is broken.  He’s obsessed with watching Thomas the Tank Engine on You Tube, which in itself whilst boring isn’t a disaster, it’s just that he’s not hugely interested in the actual episodes.  No, he prefers to sit and watch low quality videos of either other children playing with their trains or more worryingly 40 year old men sitting in their attics filming insufferably long reviews of individual Thomas toys, saying things like “note the slight variation in Gordon’s colour on this version compared to the 2010 version” and “contact me to tell me if you prefer this face on Diesel 10 or the 2009 face”.  One thing’s for sure I definitely don’t want Casper contacting them whether he prefers the 2009 face or not.

In other news I have also seen someone taking their cat for a walk. Make of that what you will.

I ordered one of these….


This is what I got…



One response to “A woman’s work…

  1. Yvonne Whitestone says:

    I think yours is the cuter (and I am not at all biased!) and is probably a lot more fun.
    M xx

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