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Happy Valentine’s Day

on 14/02/2012

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody.  It seems to be a big deal here in Canada and is apparently about friendship as well as love (and also I suspect selling as many cards and chocolates as possible).  I saw a woman giving a card to the lady who served her at the supermarket checkout today (though perhaps they have history, who knows).  There are lots of babywear shops near us and they are all selling special gifts for “your little Valentine”, the boys made Valentine’s cards at playgroup this morning (well Casper made a card, Theo ate some glitter) and I’ve been told schoolchildren give cards to all their friends, no doubt resulting in some early lessons in crushing disappointment.

So, at risk of getting a little sentimental, but to join in the spirit of the day here’s a link to one of my favourite love songs.  Brace yourselves, it’ll bring a tear to your eye…

The miserable weather returned this week so it has been back to business as usual, though at the weekend I did manage a rare night out.  I went to my friend’s housewarming party.  It was a bit of a novelty being out past 7pm, I celebrated by having a couple of glasses of wine and tried not to get over excited and disgrace myself.  I think I just about pulled it off, there was a slight blip when I got tongue tied and accidentally called the country I now live in “Canadia” but I think I covered it up, and I was talking to an American so I’m pretty sure I got away with it.

Philippa and Miles very nearly ended up with one of these beauties as a housewarming present.  They are what every Canadian home should have, solar powered Queens, put her on a sunny windowsill and she’ll give you a regal little wave…

I’m slowly settling in to life over here, I even said “stroller” out loud the other day when trying to maneuver the pushchair off a busy bus.  If I was truly Canadian I would have shouted “Stroller coming through” and everyone would have leapt aside to make way for me and my precious cargo but I’m not quite there yet so I just mumbled it half heartedly under my breath and tried not to scrape anybody’s ankles as I squeezed the buggy through.  I’m still struggling with crossing the road though, apparently pedestrians always have the right of way, but cars can turn right on a red light (Neil has noticed a lot more people in hospital following road traffic accidents here than at home and I’ve no doubt it’s because of this!), and I still have to think hard which way the cars are coming from, so I’ve adopted a foolproof method of looking wildly about in absolutely every possible direction, holding my breath and going for it.

I’m also slowly finding out the best places to shop so that a weekly food shop isn’t eye-wateringly expensive.  A friend who has been here for six months now has so far found only one thing that is cheaper here than in the UK – Vaseline…so get your orders in now.  I was in the supermarket yesterday, making the most of having a spare seat in the pushchair (Casper was in one of the thousands of local coffee shops with Neil) by filling up the front seat with heavy tins etc whilst Theo slept in the back seat underneath.  I tied up the shopping bags, piled them on the seat and headed for home.  Theo woke up whilst I was on the way back and I was merrily chatting away to him for ages before I caught sight of my reflection in a window and realised that he was totally invisible to any passers by and all they would have seen is me apparently talking away to a huge pile of plastic bags.


One response to “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Yvonne Whitestone says:

    I certainly know what gift I’ll be taking home for everyone!

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