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Living The Dream

on 01/02/2012

I wish I could be bringing you tales of living the Canadian dream, nights spent in log cabins, canoeing to beautiful secluded coves and fishing for salmon to cook on the fire whilst the children splash about on the shore.  Hopefully that will happen but unfortunately Vancouver in January makes Manchester seem like the Serengeti so this week I have mainly been sheltering from the torrential rain…and waiting 9 hours for an Internet engineer who didn’t even turn up (yes, they are no more efficient here than they are at home).

It’s been raining pretty solidly for days, and David (our lovely “landlord”) dropped the bombshell that this isn’t even the rainy season, in November apparently it rains on average 20 days out of 30.  If we were true Vancouverites we would just shrug say “it’s snowing in the mountains”, strap the kids to our backs and go skiing, but we’re not, I’m not gung ho enough to attempt to breastfeed Theo through multiple layers of ski-gear and when we took them up to Grouse Mountain at Christmas Casper thought the snow was quite fun but “a bit cold”.  I don’t know how he’d cope in Calgary where the high was -24 this week.

We’ve now moved out of Verena and David’s spacious pad and into a flat near the beach that whilst nice could only be described as roomy if you were an Oompa Loompa (which I suppose I very nearly am, minus the David Dickenson tan).  We’re renting the flat fully furnished, and it seems they’ve thought to provide the essentials, microwave, washing machine, 28 different types of tea…

The boys are sharing a room for the first time, which has resulted in a couple of very early starts, Casper gets extremely excited when Theo wakes up, like a Labrador with a new bone.  It’s a shame it only lasts about 20 minutes before he’s screaming at Theo to stop taking his toys.  Yesterday when I exasperatedly asked ‘well what CAN Theo play with then?’ he suggested the gas fire, ahhh brotherly love.

Apart from my day long incarceration courtesy of Telus I have been braving the weather to ferry the boys to playgroups and to the library (again).

Which of these DVDs do you think Casper chose?….

After the library trip I treated them to lunch at the Pacific Centre (a downtown shopping centre) foodcourt, I know, I spoil them. They were both asleep when we arrived for lunch so I seized the opportunity, ordered a kid’s Burrito meal from “Taco Time” and put healthy tangerine segments in the fries container and diluted apple juice in the cup instead of coke.  Don’t worry, the chips and coke didn’t go to waste, I had them whilst the boys were asleep, alongside a large helping of guilt (I kept telling myself it was for their own good).

One day he will realise and despise me.

My cruelty continued this week when I also lied to Casper for the first time, I told him that if he didn’t put his socks on his toes will fall off, it was mean but it worked, his socks were on and we were out of the house in a flash.

The poor boy is also sporting a hair do that can only really be described as a wonky bowl-cut (as you can probably see in the picture).  In an attempt to avoid taking him to a hairdresser and have him lose all his cute baby-blonde (and be thrifty) we have just been haphazardly chopping off any bits of hair that get a bit too wild, we think it looks cute but my 15 year old self would hate me and the kind of mother I’ve become.  Particularly as we also haven’t bought a TV (WHAAAATTT???? – that’s the 15 year old me going “ballistic”) though having said that it’s not all homemade Play-Doh and yoga mats, once we’ve got the flaming internet up and running I fully intend to plonk him in front CBeebies online and You Tube whenever necessary…and there’s no shortage of well used Thomas the Tank Engine DVD’s here (funnily enough he didn’t go for the Ukulele Course).

I can’t have scarred him too much, he has started talking in his sleep, so finally we have an insight as to what goes on in his bonkers little head, and it seems to be mainly Peppa Pig and worries about where his trains have got to.

A terrible thing is happening to me though, I very nearly complimented a complete stranger on her outfit (fifties style black and white dress, nipped in waist, full skirt, bright red high heels and matching lipstick) like a Canadian would, though that would have been far too nice and I quickly recovered and kept my thoughts to myself.  The constant friendliness is still troubling me, if you buy something a shop assistant won’t just say “Thanks” they’ll say “Thank you SO much” with as much sincerity as if you’d just given them your kidney, a world away from the superficial American “Have a nice day” but still very disconcerting for a grumpy Brit.  Though perhaps they’d find the Mancunian habit of calling everybody, even total strangers, “Love” a bit overly familiar

I also spotted…

At least I know what all the unemployed News of the World journalists are up to now.


2 responses to “Living The Dream

  1. Yvonne Whitestone says:

    I bet there was no Earl Grey in all that tea! Xx

  2. Auntie Kate says:

    Jo, I can’t believe that’s the first time you’ve lied to Casper. You are a much better person than me.

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