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on 17/01/2012

My attempts to get the boys out and meeting people seem to have gone a bit better this week.  I revisited the toddler group and actually met a couple of nice sociable mums.  Neither of them were actual real life Canadians, they are from as far afield as Chiswick and Putney, but one bridge at a time.  I was relieved, particularly after my journey there.  I was walking behind another mum pushing her daughter in her pushchair, singing, loudly, not just to her daughter but really PROJECTING her voice, I could hear her from one block away, she was singing soft rock anthems trying to make it look as though it was for her daughter’s enjoyment but clearly in her head she was playing Wembley…or perhaps the Vancouver Rogers Arena.  She even punched the air as she went past a group of men in a garden.  By the way, she was skipping the whole time.  She then stopped on the corner to admire a stranger’s cute puppy, picked it up and let it lick her…on the mouth, there’s just no need.  I just kept my head down and trundled past feeling very reserved, British and a little bit sick.

I also took the boys on two trips to the library (they are just so lucky).  In my defense, they have very good song and story times there and a nice toddler play area.  The first time Casper was playing with a Japanese boy who was there with his Grandparents, the Grandmother was in with the child supervising and the Grandfather was hiding behind a row of books taking hundreds of photos, at least I hope it was the Grandfather, perhaps I should have mentioned it to someone in authority.

During the second trip after a great storytime I had the misfortune of having to take both boys to the loo.  With two children in nappies, changing time can be quite a mission, I took them into the family toilet and bent to get a nappy from my bag, I’d been looking down for about 3 seconds when Casper said “Mummy, wet hands” I stood to see that both his hands were soaking wet, he’d plunged them both in to a public toilet…that hadn’t been flushed by the previous occupant.  The North American shallow pan style loos are clearly very appealing for toddlers.

It’s a sad week though, my baby is growing up, I have totally stopped sterilising things for him or cooking him special meals, I decided there was little point after catching him eating on various occasions; tinsel, some pink flowers, a twig, a fuzzy felt, a sticker (I didn’t witness that one but saw it, digested but still whole, in his nappy) and the front cover of Hello magazine (featuring Victoria Beckham so at least it was low calorie).  However, I have inadvertently come over slightly earth mother and have decided to continue to breast feed him until he’s one.  During our first week here I was very impressed at Vancouver’s forward thinking attitude to breast feeding when I saw a special area set aside at the Aquarium, it was inside by the dolphin pool so you could sit there and watch the dolphins swimming underwater whilst you feed your baby, how beautiful and relaxing. That didn’t make me decide to do it though, nor is it the thought that it’s the best thing for him, just the price of formula is eye watering (it’s actually more expensive than wine), not that Theo’s complaining, he was never a bottle fan, though I am counting down the days now, he’s got three teeth and is frankly getting a bit bitey.

So far seven people have mistaken the boys for twins.  I know Theo loves his food but seriously, it could give the boy a complex, maybe their big winter coats are deceptive, either that or Canadians are big fans of the Schwarzenegger/De Vito classic.

I had my first “day off” yesterday woo hoo, I ditched the boys and went skiing, what a great way to spend a Sunday, less than 20 mins drive and we were up a snow covered mountain skiing by 9am…now that’s why we came to Vancouver!  Neil took the boys for a man day to Science World to look at Dinosaurs, grrr (it’s a brilliant place for kids, modern, entertaining and interactive if you’re ever thinking of visiting Vancouver – worth a trip even if you don’t have little ones in tow).  I would say that I felt terribly guilty whilst I was swooshing down the perfectly snow dusted slopes with a wonderful view of Vancouver spread out below me, but I didn’t.  After ten months spent with two constant companions…if I have a shower their little faces peer in at me from under the shower curtain, Theo flinching and giggling every time he gets splashed with water, they ‘help’ me in the loo – Casper waiting with the loo roll, Theo grabbing onto my tights and they’re always dangling round my legs when there’s hot food cooking.  A day blowing away the cobwebs was just what I needed.  I did miss them though and today Casper gave me his last biscuit, I know how much he loves those little teddy biscuits, it’s probably a combination of lack of sleep and the relief he’s not a total sociopath but it brought a tear to my eye, the little things like that do make it all worthwhile.


3 responses to “Twins?

  1. Caroline Millar says:

    We’re loving this Jo. Keep them coming – brilliant that you have all settled in so well. John and Caroline. Xxoo

  2. Auntie Kate says:

    Ha ha again! That singing Canadian lady sounds hilarious. I like your toilet story – makes me feek like my kids are only as disgusting as their cousins!

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