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The beginning.

on 02/01/2012



Vancouver from Grouse Mountain not too shabby.


Hi All (when I say all I mean probably just Mum and a couple of people who were looking for something else) – Here it is, blog post number one…it perhaps should have happened weeks ago but I seem to be way after a demanding two year old in the computer use pecking order and constant repeats of “Tom Train” and “Woody and Buzz” never seem to get boring (for him at least). So I think this first attempt will be short and sweet before the computer is wrestled from me. 

Well, we survived a ten hour flight with a two year old and a 9 month old and have had three weeks in Vancouver, a Canadian Christmas and New Year, lots of new experiences and not a huge amount of sleep (I’m not sure that moving house twice in two months and an 8 hour time difference was the ideal thing to do for a baby’s routine).  I will write more when Casper is sufficiently distracted but in the meantime here is a quick rundown of our time in Canada so far:

Things we have seen: stunning mountains, a beautiful beach, twinkling Christmas lights, people ice skating, Father Christmas (though Casper took a bit of convincing on that one, particularly when a 40 year old woman sat on FC’s lap and he leered “oooh just like old times”), a dog on a treadmill, totem poles, 6 days solid rain, a stand selling “Japadogs” (hot dogs with noodles on top, yum), the view of Vancouver from the top of Grouse Mountain, Sea Planes, a roller skating trans-sexual in turquoise tights, a local news story about a bear in a bin lorry in downtown Vancouver, Whales and life-sized robotic dinosaurs.

….I will write more soon…Casper has shut Theo in the kitchen and the shouts of “no, mine” are reaching a crescendo…my thoughts of sitting, perhaps in a coffee shop (there are hundreds of those here) tapping away for hours on end like Carrie Bradshaw, sharing my musings with the world seem pretty unachievable, particularly as Casper has pulled the “P” button off the computer keyboard so my typing (or tying) speed is struggling….now he’s playing with the buttons on the gas oven and Theo is eating something from the floor..I think it’s raw onion.  Better go. Bye for now!!!




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